Build a website. From your phone.

Have an idea and 2min ? That's all you need to get started.

Screenshot of Android App
Screenshot of iPhone App
Let's enjoy spending 2h on a poorly made Youtube tutorial to learn how to collect emails


I would never want to make a website from a phone. What a silly idea.


...until they tried
I have this business idea. Let's buy a domain name and never do anything with it

Basically all of us

Simple from start to finish

Start gently, no setup required. Just hit publish and we'll take care of the rest

Collect form responses

Ask for emails, phone numbers, people's favorite twitter account ... all you can imagine.

Connect with external services

Send data to any connected service such as Zapier, Airtable, Google Sheet, and more thanks to webhooks.

Screenshot of iPhone App

Easy is an understatement

Building a website should not be a chore.

Okay but... WHY ?

I hear you, nobody wants to handle their 100 000$ business from their fragile pocket computer

Not everyone has a huge business

You have to start somewhere, with the tools you have at your disposal. The best website builder is the one you always have with you.

Bring down the barriers to entry

The opportunity to build fast is driving ideas. Because it costs nothing to fail. Want to launch an invite for your event or validate your business idea? 30 seconds is all it takes.

How are you different from X ?

I chose to bet on mobile. Many great projects are popping up to help people alleviate the notoriously hard task of setting up a website. And that's great. But none of them seems to see that mobile is shifting from a content consumption device to content creation. I'm willing to be part of this change.

Why didn't you use Cabane to build this very website ?

You got me. I will. Once it's ready. In the meantime, I couldn't resist telling you about it.

Want to try out Cabane ?

I'm putting on the finishing touches. Leave your email below to know when it's ready.

Who's behind the project ?

Louis Lafont 🇫🇷

I like to engage in all kinds of projects and adventures. 🐦 and 💌 open. Don't hesitate to reach out :)

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Built With Launchaco